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So I only was able to go to the first half hour of swing practice today. Here's how they introduced me to the piece. First the choreographer, Dyer, ran through parts of it with me really quickly. Then David, my partner, shows me our opening move. Basically, he runs on stage and then looks over his shoulder at me. I twirl on, dive between his legs and then turn around to face him so I'm on my back. He grabs me, brings me to my feet and I jump up and then land straddling his hips. Uh huh. We tried it. It didn't happen so much. But eventually hopefully I'll be able to not smack my knees into his. I just have no concept of where my body parts are when I'm like.. flying in the air. It just needs more practice.
Here's another sneak peek. I do a handstand, end up on his shoulders facing backwards, then go over his head, down his back and come back up between his legs. hahahaha. Oh man. This is going to be great... ;o)
I know, you all definitely want to see this show now!!!
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