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Burning out on dance

I feel dead. Soo tired. But dance was good today. I got a lot accomplished, and since I had rehearsal for 3/4 pieces + comp that's a good sign. I like the Foxtrot piece cuz it's so low key and there's no craziness involved; just cuteness and fun. Tango is eeehhhh - I always feel like I suck. But oh well. The lifts are kinda neat even though they're hell on my right arm which is in a constant state of soreness lately. David was kind enough to take time out of his night to teach me all the choreography for the swing piece, and we pretty much got everything down, including the lift where I end up on his hips, so that was really exciting. Then comp was okay, but by then I was kind of dead so Sahal had to drag me through everything. :o/
In other news.. well, there isn't any really. Oh my new heel tips came in and once again, they're too big. So I think I'm just going to take them in to the shoe people and see if they can somehow trim them down to size and affix them anyway. I'm tired of dealing with this crap and I really need my shoes to be wearable for the Star of the North competition this weekend. It looks like we're going to be staying in Minneapolis for two nights - Fri and Sat, which means I won't be getting any work done. Sooo yeah, time to get my act together and begin that last push to the end of the quarter.
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