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AEPi and free stuff

So today in the mail I got this form that says "CD MAP Antitrust Litigation" on the return address and I'm like "oh shit, they finally caught me." hahaha nope. I open it up and it says "Dear Illinois Music Purchaser: As Attorney General for the STate of Illinois, I am pleased to enclose payment for your claim in the settlement of the Compct Disc Minmum Advertised Price Antitrust Litigation." Yeah, I got some check for $13.86. Sweet. I'm SUCH a winner!

The other thing that makes me a winner is the fact that Sahal and I went to practice for comp today and my MP3 CD didn't work in lindsey's stereo so we went to peet's and got coffee and hung out instead. Then I ran home, and got showered, dressed, and pretty in 20 min. I'm just that good. We went to Red Robin's for dinner - steak fajitas for me, baby. Then off to this place called the Putting Edge, where we played glow in the dark mini-golf. Really it's minigolf under black lights but it was really fun anyway :D And now I'm here. Wired. Ready to start the crapload of work I have to do and study for my spanish quiz tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Minneapolis, Minnesota for the Star of the North ballroom dance competition. There's only four of us going but I think it'll be good anyway. I'll probably take my computer with me so that I can write my papers on the 6 hour drive (5-11 pm, baby). Good stuff. So yeah, I'll be talking to you all probably on Sunday.
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