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My oral presentation is over! Yay!
After class I took a nap, then reviewed spanish vocab over lunch. Robert, your story rocks. You're a much better journalist than I will ever be ;o) Way to be "hungry"!

I walked around downtown afterward, cashed my CD settlement check and the $75 I won last weekend. Then I went to Barnes & Noble and looked around for a while. Turned in my spanish homework, sat outside and chatted with Eric on the phone. The weather was beautiful and crisp.

In Chinese lit. today we watched "Crows and Sparrows" and I enjoyed being able to understand most of the Chinese instead of reading the subtitles. Although I realized that if I don't concentrate I lose the conversation train entirely. It was good though, very enjoyable.

Now I'm going to shower, have dinner, go to dance and then come back to work on my journalism story. For some reason I'm totally destressed right now, and it's a really nice feeling. I love life again, and I blame it all on the city of Minneapolis.
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