Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
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I just finished my 10 page research paper, which I have been forced to write in 11 pt font so it's actually more like a 12 pager. Yes, it really makes that much of a difference!
We had our showcase for BLAST today, and for the first time all week I actually enjoyed myself while dancing. How refreshing! I really just enjoyed being up on stage and performing and knowing I don't suck too much :D I've been listening to Billy Joel for the past two hours. It's great. I really just can't get enough of the iTunes file sharing feature.

Other than that, it's been so cold the past couple of days! It's really unfair. In fact, it snowed really lightly and grossly today. It was practically freezing rain it was so gross. Ok. Enough of my complaining. I'm tired now :o)
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