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So I actually slept in this morning until like 10:30. That was amazing. I got up and started working on my profile story. Today has seriously felt like the first weekend I've had in forever, which is funny because it's Thursday. But yeah, just sitting here indoors doing work, when it's really really sunny outside reminds me of those high school days when I used to do the same :D And by the way Janet, it actually IS 40 degrees here! run away!!!
No, but yesterday the weather was ridiculous because it snowed in the morning and then by 6 in the evening it was all clear and warming up to like 45. Twas nice. I love the way I can feel Spring slowly creeping up. Not like in Cali where one day it becomes 75 degrees and you're like "summer's here!" No, it definitely comes in one week at a time. Suddenly you notice the grass is turning green again, and that the trees are putting out small greenish-brown leaf buds. It's so welcome, because you feel happier, and that means that all that stupid winter depression is going to go away. People are out and about again - running, walking, laughing. It's loverly.

The rest of this week has gone pretty well.
Monday i finished my paper and turned it in (complete with the most awkward end-of-the-quarter conversation EVER)
My accomplishment of the week (Janet, be proud) is that I've only eaten in the dining hall once this week. Tuesday night I managed to latch on to SMQ and go to Giordano's witht them. SMQ paid for the pizza. I also have two slices sitting in my fridge, awaiting consumption (that's the verb, not the disease). Yesterday I had lunch at Norris on my points, and then got free Chinese food at the "Date with APAC" event + the first half hour of "Infernal Affairs." I had to leave early to go to dance, but the food was great :D
Buh. I know I have other news. I can never remember it all when I'm trying to write it down though.

I'm so pumped that I'm going to be going home in a week! yay! I can't wait to see everything! (Heidi, family, friends, house, los altos...)
I have my article for newswriting due tomorrow, and my big final essay for victorian lit due on Tuesday. This Friday I'm going to the Art Institute, and I'm soo exciting. Next week after Tuesday I have nothing except for random dance stuff during the week so I'm going to finish all the books I brought with me (that's the goal, anyway), do a massive cleaning of my room, and do laundry. haha, I need to do laundry SO badly; I haven't done it for four weeks. I'm going to have to do like 3 loads. *sigh* Sunny and I are also going to check out the newest chinese food restaurant "Koi" and then watch Infernal Affairs, the mandarin version. Jeez. I need to do my dishes too. Things are getting disgusting. :P

I really want to backpack the Havasu Falls trail this summer. Let me know if you guys are interested. It'll probably be a 3-4 day trip. Drive out there, hike, camp, hike out, drive back. I want to plan early so that people who are working can do their whole scheduling biznass. Also I definitely want to do some more weekend trips, if anyone is interested. Let me know!!!
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