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I've been trying to get a decent thesis/idea for my Victorian Lit paper ALL DAY, and my brain keeps running circles around the nebulous cloud of concepts that we talked about in class, and I can't formulate anything solid out of it. *sigh*
I actually used my meal plans today. I had my first real meal in Allison for the first time this week (the only other time I ate down there was Tuesday for breakfast).

I just went up to Tech to get Pavel (the ridiculously good-looking, charismatic, Argentine Tango instructor) to sign some stuff so he can get paid back for some choreography that was done by the badass ballroom dancer Arturas (how can you not be badass with a name like Arturas?). I took the shuttle up, but didn't want to wait around for it to get back down, so I walked. But it was SO COLD I thought maybe running would help. I was wrong. It just makes your breathing passages/lungs really really cold. To the point where you start wondering if the cold air is causing things to crystallize inside of your body. I stumbled into my lovely warm dorm and checked the weather. It's 6 degrees with windchill. So. Cold.

Other things I did today: watched my roommate freak out about her 20-page paper. Tidy my room (kind of, not really). Sleep in until 11:30. Reading week is kind of cool :o)

Tomorrow I'm going to the Art Institute! Also I'm listening to this cool South African band "Henry Ate" because Sahal let me borrow his CD.
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