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Early to bed, early to rise...

Makes me able to work on my paper earlye in tha mornin'.

It's sunny outside yay! Plus we're supposed to be at a high of 43. double yay!
I'm soooo exciting to go home - only five more days now! Anyway, I know i haven't really written in a while but there's not a whole lot to say.
Here's some advice though: never do three big loads of laundry when you've only got enough money for one load in the dryer. Chances are, you won't be able to find enough places to hang anything, which will lead to the claustrophobic feeling of being eaten by damp clothing.
I also went to the Art Institute on Friday, which was a really nice break from work. In addition, Phil and I discovered a treasure trove of old books at a bookstore that's tucked off in an alley. It's so cool; you walk in, and suddenly you realize that the bookstore is like half a block long, and then you turn at the end and it keeps going down in a different direction and is huge. So that was pretty exciting. Yeah, that guy has as many books as I'd like to have at some point in my life :o)
I slept in nice clean sheets last night. I like turning down my bed and seeing how neat and crisp the sheets/pillows/quilt look against each other. *grin*
Today I'm going to be tossed around in swing practice more than usual - David and I are going to practice the fancy big trick. *concerned look* I hope I don't fall on my head. Hopefully if I start to fall on my head, Dire will catch me.
Hopefully my paper is more coherent than this journal entry.
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