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tired tired!

I'm tired! which pisses me off because I woke up this morning feeling the most refreshed that I have in weeks. In swing I totally missed my landing for a part of the aerial and hit the deck on my knees. I wasn't really expecting that :P But we completed the rest of the thing successfully. I was pissed because my partner for hustle, Randall, hasn't been there for the past few rehearsals and I know we really need to practice that one because we've never been solid in that piece ever. Aside from that, things are going well. The lights look amazing (thank God, because there's about 80 of them and we spent $1750 for rental fees on 'em).

Other than dance, my day was good. I lost (and five minutes ago found) my Wildcard. I ate a lot of lunch, as I always do these days. In fact, I eat a lot in general, including a good amount of chocolate covered donuts and chocolate in general. Oh, what sucked was that my brother got sick so now he can't come up for the show this weekend :o(( That makes me sad. Stupid sicknesses!
Also, I got my iPod back today! I'm pretty sure it's a completely new unit, since the case isn't all scratched up like it used to be. But they even engraved it with the original message and everything. It's really exciting having it back. Now I just need a pair of non-crappy non-iPod headphones.

Alrighty, I've got a good amount of work to start doing for journalism and for CS, so I should get started. But yah, I'm still alive!
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