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Just in case you didn't get enough of those earlier photos, here's 600 more:


Life is crazy. I've been kind of down today, but I think it's just all the decrease in energy after a week of show stuff, and also having so, so much work to do that I've had to plan ahead on what I'm going to do on what days all the way to the end of the month.
I've also got more applications to send out. There's a couple of opportunities for PR at PalmSource and Sun that might be interesting. I'm also applying for this internship to cover horse racing in LA :D It's unpaid but they give you $5000 for living expenses.

I wish I had time for a better update than this. Basically the weekend rocked, and I loved seeing all my family. I'm freaking lucky like nobody's business. Plus spring is coming - things are starting to bloom...but it's still cold!
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