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Things have been kind of crazy lately. The show is FINALLY over. Whee! Tonight I've got almost three hours of BLAST related stuff tho, sooo yeah. Dancing is far from over :o) Last night's show was kind of disastrous; it took two pints of ice cream and some good laughs with Phil to make it better.
This morning my alarm went off at 8 since I was going to get up and study for my Spanish composition. Yeah. Um, I went back to sleep, woek up at 8:30. Went BACK TO SLEEP AGAIN and didn't get out of bed until I woke up with a start at 9:20. Eeek! So much for studying. I barely had time to grab a donut and a cup of coffee before running off to class. It went okay though :o)
Today is GORGEOUS out! Almost 60 degrees. It's beautiful. Yeah, I'm inside, trying to get work done. My room is a freaking disaster zone; it's sooo messy! *sigh* Also, half the roses in the bouquet my mom got me have completely wilted. So sad :o( there's gotta be some kind of trick to keeping flowers more fresh.
There's also a new person on the iTunes network that has 14821 songs. Good god. I wish I was him.
Anyway, I supposed I should shower, as I haven't done that in a while :o)
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