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a short rant

so I go to Osco to buy toothpaste and they probably have about 40 different choices, and almost all but 3 are whitening!! Now I happen to think that my teeth are at a very acceptable level of whiteness, and don't need any of this extra whitening nonsense. But what if I want, say, the sparkley gel toothpaste? Or the minty fresh stripe? Or the extra tartar control? Noo, I can't have any of those things without the damn whitening! Anyway, after perusing the toothpaste for a full five or six minutes, I finally happen upon a tube of non-whitening minty-gel-striped goodness. Don't ask me why it was more expensive than the whitening crap. I probably don't want to know.

Also, waking up at 6 to study/watch the sun come up and then going back to sleep for an hour before dance practice/class is pretty nice. I'm no complainer ;o)
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