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The Heartland Classic Competition (aka: I love my comp partner).

So wow, this weekend was awesome. Where to begin...?

Ok, well we left on Friday afternoon, which from the beginning started out wonderful. Dian had a doctor's appt so we went to Sahal's place and watched twenty minutes of "Lilo & Stitch" while eating ice cream. Then we all piled back into the car and went to pick her up. Time for a long drive to INDIANAPOLIS. We took Phil's car, which is a Toyota LandCruiser (I believe), and there were six of us. Of course me, being the smallest, got kicked to the back seat with all the clothes and stuff :o) I believe getting in and out of that back seat encompassed some of THE most ungraceful moments of my entire year, if not my entire life. However, I had it to myself so it wasn't bad. The drive was pretty, and it was a gorgeous sunset, with the sun sinking below the horizon in a brilliant red color. Everyone else missed it because they were sleeping - not Joel tho, cuz he was driving :o)
We checked in and for the rest of the night Rita, Sahal and Joel drank and did sit-ups, and I stood outside coaching David and Dian as they learned more ridiculous amounts of dance. See, Dian usually dances with Ben, but he couldn't make it, so she grabbed David and he learned moves for six dances (waltz, foxtrot, tango, rumba, swing, cha) in a week. A week! Anyway, so we were doing that for a good four hours or so.
Off to sleep :o)

Saturday dawned clear and bright, and we arrived at the convention center and got in about 10 minutes of warm up. Blah, blah, nothing exciting there. Sahal & Me and Joel & Rita made quarter finals but that was about it. The Purdue team was out en force, so we didn't have much of a chance. Yeah. So then we left and walked around downtown Indianapolis for a couple hours. We went into the capital building place, and then walked around and looked at this monument to the soldiers of Tippecanoe (remember that, USHAP guys?). That was exciting. So then we went back and watched a little more dancing; I got a KICKASS interview with this Russian woman and her two kids. Her kids have been ballroom dancing for six years, and they're not 9 and 10. They were really really good, and she lives kind of in this area. On top of that, their coach is this guy named Arturas, and he choreographed some of our BLAST dances. Which means I now have another contact that hopefully I can interview.
Ok, so then we piled back into the car and drove back to the hotel where we grabbed.. the bedspread. Hehe, then we went to the grocery store and got all this food (we each only ended up paying $4 for two big packs of meat, two loaves of bread, two bags of chips, mustard, lettuce, two packs of cheese and a big box of strawberries). Then we headed back to downtown, spread the bedspread out in the middle of this park by a fountain and had a lovely picnic, followed by joke telling and a good nap :o)
We woke up because it started raining on us, so we went and walked around Indianapolis some more, around this neat circular mall thing that was attached through a bunch of a buildings by a skywalk. Then we headed back to the hotel to get some work done. Then Joel, David, Dian, Rita and I came back to watch the psycholy amazingly good latin championship dancers.

This morning it was all gray out, but it was cool. We got about 40 minutes of warm-up time this morning, which was really nice. All the dances at the Heartland Classic competition are multi-dance events, meaning you enter one heat and then dance a bunch of dances in that category. So for the bronze level rhythm we danced on Saturday morning we did Cha, Rumba and Swing. Today in bronze we did Waltz, Tango and Foxtrot. All of us got called back all the way to semifinals (which esp for David/Dian was incredible as they had only been dancing for a week!). Sahal and I made finals, and ended up taking third, which for us was awesome since the two people who placed higher were both people from private studios. We whipped the Purdue kiddies ;o). Also, we competed up a level, as we're allowed to do, in Silver. So that was Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot and Viennese Waltz. We definitely danced our bronze routine with all the silver dancers, and holy crap, the viennese, we freaking jetted. Ok, so we somehow got called back for finals there and took fourth. yay!
After that we pakced up our stuff at the hotel and hit the road. Had Wendy's for lunch - yum. It was a good drive back, I did some work. Also my brain is all scrambled up from sitting over the axel on that freaking road for 4 hours.

Ok, so on to why I love my comp partner, who as you know, is named Sahal. First off, he's just a cool guy in general. He also keeps things interesting by always changing his hair so it looks different at every single competition we go to :o) Ok, so here's a little story. I haven't ever had a shoe bag. Well, I have, but they've all been Borders or Barnes & Noble bags which rip about every three months and Sahal always teases me about it. So yesterday (Saturday) we're walking out, and people are looking at one of the vendor stalls and me and David are sitting on this table waiting and Sahal comes up and hands me a REAL SHOE BAG! yay!!! a Fuzzy shoe bag!!!
Sahal always gives me neck massages randomly in the middle of practices, or between heats.
Other reasons: His floorcraft blew me away today. The best example was during the viennese because we were going way faster than other people on the floor and there would be all these clumps of people and Sahal would just weave us through all of them. One time I had to duck because I almost got nailed in the face with someone's fist, but I escaped unscathed :o) That was really exciting, and it was just all so expertly done.
Just being generally really awesome and cool this entire weekend and I feel so much more confident about myself because I've been doing well at competitions and I owe sooo much of that to Sahal.

SO, this might have been our last competition dancing together, unless we decide to go to the competition that's in Minnesota in May, but we'll see.

General comments about the weekend: It was just so much fun in general, and it felt so good to get away from campus and with awesome BLAST people and just relax and be wonderful to one another. I loved it, and even though this week is going to be the WEEK FROM HELL, it won't matter because of this experience. I hope to God I still feel that way at the end of this week.

In conclusion: I have a midterm tomorrow at 11, and I've hardly studied at all. So I'm going to go do that now so I don't get my ass kicked. Because that would suck. a lot. Hope all the rest of you had a kickass weekend like me ;o)
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