Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
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Time for a new major

I got a 100% on my last programming assignment...

*looks at journalism article C grades*
*looks at programming assignment grade*
*looks back at journlism article*


In other news, I discovered a really wonderful shop called Dream About Tea. It's my new hangout, I've decided. Thanks to Phil for actually getting me out of the dorm on a non-responsibility related event.

The Boomshaka show was amazing - so much creativity, it bowled me over. They had a tap piece where they were touching the metal soles of their shoes to these sensors on the ground, setting off sounds. Another one they had touch light things on their thumbs to create the illusion of them holding embers. Their staging and lights and use of props were just incredibly impressive. Real cool stuff happening here at NU. And some really hot dancing/beats too. Nick didn't really like it, but oh well :D We had fun hanging out.
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