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Good day

I'm having a good day so far :o) Did decent on my Spanish composition that I got back today, aced the video quiz (woohoo?) and then absolutely glided through my linguistics presentation. Yes! I only had TWO classes today. It was magnificent. Walking back from Tech, I was passing by that section between Deering Field and the Arch and all the trees were so GREEN from the rain, it was so intense and vibrant... espeically the ivy against the side of the buildings. Lovely. So then I went to Osco and bought masking tape, then headed over to Barnes n Noble where I bought a small journal (for summer scribbles) and "Chicago" magazine (so I have some sense of the style for when I try and submit my ballroom dance story). Finished just in time to catch lunch at Allison, ate some very good food and now I'm here. Ready to do some work and be productive. Tonight it'll be BHANGRA-ing alll night long. I can't wait! I think this weekend is going to be awesome too :o)
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