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A Run

This morning I hopped out of bed at 7, threw on some clothes and ran. I went to Tech, down to the ground floor, back up, back down, over to Annenberg, down to the ground floor of Annenberg, over to Kresge, up around Kresge only to find the doors hadn't been unlocked yet, through University, Harris, back to Kresge and finally to Fisk. All this to write "Prof Irwin Weil: "If you had to give the last lecture of your life, what would you say?" June 2, 8 pm, Leverone Aud." on as many chalkboards as possible.

I finished around 9:00, and headed back to shower, grab my stuff and study for my CS midterm over breakfast. But man, I had forgotten how good that early morning air felt. The way the emptiness of the sidewalks makes you feel big and alone all at once. I forgot what it felt like to have the air so cool that it burns in your throat, the way you fall into a rhythm, breathing and counting steps.. to be really and truly active. Because, as I've discovered from my severe out-of-shape-ness: dancing doesn't count. So yes, my quads have been sore all day. I love it.

It felt nice too, to applaud for my linguistics professor's last talk. To take a CS midterm and NOT CARE about it. To sit and eat with the sun behind me, and to walk down Sheridan and be in love with things again. I can't get enough of people. Laughter. I feel so focused.
Gosh, life is great. Funny how just being around certain people can make everything nice.
And, as I've said before, I know so many nice people.
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