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Wasting time

Just spent two hours customizing my journal. I don't love it. Don't hate it. But it was fun for a while.

This morning I lay half asleep for 20 minutes, writing a story in my head.
It went something like this:
When the upper east corner of Allison Hall fell off, it killed 4 trees, a pigeon and almost a dog. The students living in the corner room woke to the sound of creaking, and then a rather loud crashing noise as their ceiling abruptly tilted and disappeared. Mr. Gary Marshall, the man in charge of student services and other important things, was thankful that nobody had been killed, "or else I would have lost my job for sure," he said. The architect of the building might have been horrified at the event, had it not been for the rather unfortunate run-in he had on his bike with a cement lorry two years to the day before. His widow, however, hoped nobody would actually remember he was the architect, or else she might face serious repercussions on the matter of her own lucrative career as the best-selling author of a now-5-book-series on "How to be a successful architect" (a series which, consequently, was often described as "cliff-hangers of novels").

That's about as far as I got. Then I kind of actually woke up.
I can't decide whether or not to make that last entry public. I'm always torn about this private/protected/public thing. I mean... a livejournal seems, by sheer nature of its existence, to necessitate public entries. But I wonder what reactions will be.

I seriously was going to go running this morning but uh. yeah. That didn't happen. In fact, I'm still in bed, and the clouds and blue sky all drifting past my window have been very pretty to look at and space out at.

Ok, time to do work. Well.. get out of bed first. Then do work. mmm, looks like Ramen for lunch today.
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