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I was definitely up till two last night trying desperately to finish my programming assignment so that I can go to Sahal's party and then TGIF tonight. Yeah. Didn't happen so much. I am, however, on the very LAST f*cking section, so I'm going back today and hopefully I can drag a TA or someone down there with me so they can help me finish it. Ughn. Yeah, did I mention I was down there since 10:30 AM?!?!!? anyway, Ben was kind of enough to walk me back so that I didn't get mugged. (woohoo, no mugging!) and then I came back and fell into bed. Lindsey was so concerned and sweet about me getting back safely too, that was nice :o) I love my roomie!

Ok. I'm calm now..but only because I'm exhausted. My eyes are so red, I look like I've been doing drugs. Brings new meaning to my buddy icon, eh?

OH, I also got my journalism story back yesterday from the prof. He said it's definitely publishable and wants a copy of my story/query letter to use in his future classes. Exciting. Maybe I can make some extra dough offa this baby.
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