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Whatcha dooin? Daaaaancin...

So last night I went out for the first time this quarter. Like really went out. Like.. out with the BLAST crew (16 of us), grilled at Sahal's which was awesome (I managed to eat two cheeseburgers and a double double), busted an ass-load of moves at Nino's studio till 1:30, then went to Steak n' Shake for food (I had a root beer float). Didn't get back till 4 am. It was so awesome.

For some reason in the past something has always held me back from the going out and having maximum amount of fun. I realized the other day when I made that one post about needing to not let everything pass me by that EVERY single time I was out with people I always left early, saying "I have to a lot of work I have to do." But last night I was just relaxing, enjoying myself, really not thinking about the 12-page paper I have due on Monday (that I haven't started thinking about yet) or anything, just needing to spend as much time with the people I love that I possibly could.

One of the girls I interviewed for my story, Nia, was there. She got relaly tired around the end and had been coming up and giving me hugs all night, and she came down and sat next to me and then fell asleep in my lap. I felt so content then, just sitting there with an arm around her, watching my friends dance.

I sat next to David at Steak n Shake and realized that he would be gone next year too (he's a junior) and that made me sad. He reminds me of JT in a lot of ways, and he's just soo.. go get 'em. I've never met someone who was so enthusiastic about everything he does, and it's contagious. It's fun. Anyway he's going to apply for grad school at Stanford and maybe Berkeley, so if he gets into one of those (and I think he has a pretty good chance), then I'll get to see him after he graduates.

I feel like I've done a complete 180 since a few week s ago. I even purposely left my cell phone and watch behind last night so that I wouldn't ever check the time or be able to be contacted :D I'm having so much fun now. I can't believe I only have a week left, and I can't believe half of it is filled with tests. But I've already set up some lunch dates with people who I want to spend time with just us and haven't all quarter. Gosh. From here on out, life is beautiful.
ESPECIALLY because John Dorfman is having a DDR party tonight. That's right. Dance Dance Revolution all night, baby!
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