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"Games in the Dark"

Seven hours of sleep and I'm up and raring to go.

Last night was so kickass. First off, Robert, me, Lindsey and nick went to Sargent where we ate with Misuzu and Joel. Joel later was just liek "dude, your friends are weird." hahaha. I love you guys!

Went off to show lindsey how to put her table together in her apartment - the view from the top floor is breathtaking, btw. And I'm sooo excited to cook now!.
Then to John's DDR party. OH MAN, so much fun!!! John's a freakin' machine - at one point we were on level 6, and there were four of us on one pad (each of us with a button) and John on the other, and he definitely won as many times as we did. unbelievable.
The evening also involved lots of ice cream, reading "Scientific American", playing a game called Dirty Mind, sharing chips and pizza, and a then playing really, really kickass game of charades to top it all off. So in BLAST, Charades isn't done with a book or movie titles. Instead, it's made-up categories. For example, we had "Games in the Dark" as the category and the person had to act out "playing mah-jongg in a kangaroo's pouch" ooor "Failed Wartime Strategies" was "Invading Iraq with laser guided penguin." Oh man, David was so clutch on that one, because he did Cyclops' laser eyes to act out laser. Beautiful! One of them was "Sports we'd like to see in the olympics" and the answer was "quidditch" so Nikki flew around the room on a broom. My personal favorite hasd the category "Death from Above" (the comp team motto!) and Joel had to act out "Ben goes commando to rescue Jen and the comp team from kidnappers" Hahaha, yeaaaah. good times.

Was definitely out till 3, had to say good-bye to some people who I won't get to see for the rest of the year. *sigh* Anyway I want to just bang out this english paper now so I can be done. Go to dance. Watch Adult Swim. Hang out with people MORE :o)
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