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Wow. I just slept for 10 hours. Which definitely wasn't enough, but oh well. YEah, I definitely didn't sleep at ALL last night. Was up till 4:30 playing charades at Sahal's with BLASTers, then spent the rest of the night packing. Hung around with Ben till 12, then said good-bye to Ben, and went to have lunch with Robert and Alison at Joy Yee's. Said good-bye to them, then the UPS guys called to come and pick my two boxes up.
I'm having so much trouble typing right now. I still think I haven't relaly recovered from my sleeplessness. Gosh, so weak!

Anyway, I feel like I should write a long reflective post about the year. But I can't bring myself to do it. The end of this year has definitely been a milestone in my life.. but I think I've also never felt more strongly the fluidity of my life, the way things move and stop all together. I think I've never changed more than I have in this year, never felt happier at NU than I did in those last couple of weeks. It meant enough to me that I cried when I left. I don't nkow what to say about this year that can convey what it's meant to me, only that the people who came, who stayed, who stuck with me.. that's what it's all about. I know I won't see a lot of you until January, but you're so much in my heart that I know I'm not really leaving you behind at all.
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