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Take the phone off the hook and disappear for a while...

I'm going to China for two weeks, starting today. Beijing, to Xi'an, to Lhasa (Tibet) to Shanghai. It will be awesome. I'll have access to e-mail :o). I also have six books and two journals in my luggage... I plan to read and write like there's no tomorrow.

Yesterday I just unpacked all my stuff and then repacked part of it for this trip. I put a good number of stuff I wanted into the boxes that got shipped. Well done, Jen. That's what I get for packing at 5 in the morning. Anyway, nobody was home yet, so I didn't even get to see anyone (except Eric, which was very nice in and of itself). Had dinner at Max's, my favorite place, and discovered that my eating capacity has gone to sh*t in the past couple days. I think I skipped too many meals during finals week.

Anyway, it's absolutely lovely getting to sit around and think about absolutely nothing to do. Not that I feel like things haven't really slowed down.. but at least I'm living. It's wonderful now to get away from everything, from everyone, to be decently unreachable, to spend time with my family only. I love family vacations so much. It seems like nowadays it's the only time I really have to myself, times when each new experience seems to be taken in for what it is, without any worry of how other people are understanding it or seeing it. In some ways, I think being with my family let me be more selfish, when I don't have to worry about the comfort of other people. It's my release.

Well. I suppose I should go shower (I've got a nice 16 hour flight in front of me, so I should be clean before it starts :o) and make sure I haven't forgotten to pack anything. I may have to practice some kind of samba or something too.. I'm suffering from dance withdrawal bigtime. Like.. I was definitely thinking about dance at least every three hours yesterday. Haha, I'm so addicted!

So if you need to reach me, shoot me an e-mail. Or if you want a postcard or something, make sure your address is in it. Otherwise...don't. Have a great two weeks cuz when I go back, this place is gonna bust out into one big ass party. ;o)
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