Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
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Another reason to love Sunset

When you're exhausted from tossing and turning till 1:30 am the night before, wake up late without time to shower, and burn your breakfast bagel, there's a huge pot of freshly brewed Starbuck's Yukon blend coffee waiting for you at 8 in the morning when you get into work. And it is good.

[11:27] Yet Another Reason
Around 10:30, as I am glaring distastefully at my now-coagulated, blackened, half-eaten bagel, Erika (copy chief) comes around the corner and tells me it's time to go to brunch. Apparently every few weeks some cook makes brunch (sunset recipes, of course), and although she said "it's always the same thing," we get to sit out on the patio, munch on fresh fruit and muffins, and chat with whoever we want from editorial or from publishing.
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