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4th o July in Tahoe

So it took us 7 hours to get back from Tahoe yesterday, in part because Eric's Explorer overheated and we had to stop and wait for it to cool off a little.
But man, what a kickass trip. On Saturday we got up at 6 and Eric drove me, Bons and Erin up in less than 3.5 hours. Then we settled in at the cabin a little before taking some stuff over to Mr. Elms, who was working on his boat at the Browns' lakeside property. We ended up going out on Mr. Brown's boat and trying to learn how to wakeboard, but the only one who got up was Erin (the rest of us just kind of flailed around in the water). Back to the house for sandwiches, and then Mr. Elms took us out on his sailboat. That was really cool cuz I hadn't been out on a sailboat before, so I got to learn a lot of vocabulary (clew, halyard, sheet, etc.) and then me and Bons sat out on the front of the boat and tanned :D. Back again to go lay in the hammock before a dinner of hamburgers and salad and "Shanghai Noon." Around 9, we went out on the sailboat again over by Tahoe City where we watched an incredible fireworks show from the lake. There were sooo many stars out, and when we were on our way back we could see like 4 other shows at different places around the lake. The traffic back to Northstar was sucky, but not too too awful, and when we got back I FINALLY watched "Pirates of the Caribbean" which was a lot of fun. Then we all crashed hard.

So yes, I think it was definitely the most memorable Fourth of July weekend I've ever had. Right now my eyes feel like they're dying, and so does the rest of my body. I may be sick? *sigh* Alrighty, time to head off to get ready for work.
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