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Weekends are awesome

I love how working makes one really appreciate the weekends. It's a real break, as opposed to when I'm at Northwestern and I have weekends but really it's just the same as any other day because I end up doing the same amount of or more studying and work than during the regular week.

Anyway, on Saturday we did a joint celebration of my dad and my grandfather's birthdays by whipping up a big brunch (ok, so my mom did ALL the cooking). I got him a book (surprise, surprise) on fly fishing in Northern California. I had a lot of fun playing with my cousins (especially the little boy-terror, Michael). Later Eric and I took the dogs and walked the Art & Wine Festival in downtown Los Altos. Really great show this year...I think it just gets better every year! After that I met up with my parents, brother Uncle Sam and his wife, Karen, at the Los Altos Grill. I had the pork chop - yum! Back at home we had a black forest cake and celebrated another joint birthday - my dad and Karen.

Sunday was another wonderful day. I got out of bed around 10:30, sat around and talked to the a-dults till they left for Monterey around 12. Then I worked on my photo album (I'm up through Tibet now) and planned out my quilt. I headed over to Bonnie's and helped figure out what she was going to do, then we went to Eddie's and got fabric. I went home, finished "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn," which was excellent, and then took Heidi for a nice jog. Made myself some leftovers and a good spinach salad with tomatoes from the yard, got all caught up on episodes of Gilmore Girls, and then pretty much just went to sleep after that.

Now I'm back at work, mostly chugging along on all the articles I need to, and about to go ask the head fact checker for another one to do. I'm going to have lunch today with Ms. Rosen (who now insists I call her Kimberly - weird!) and later Bonnie's going to come over and we're going to do some sewing, yay! Also, double yay, because Ben is visiting for a week starting Friday. woohoo, fun times ahead!
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