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Last night Janet, Amy and Anne played with fabric scraps and a rotary cutter for something like an hour and a half while Bonnie and I quilted. The final creation? A jellyfish with a smiley-face and a top hat. I love you guys :D

Also I discovered that no matter how many hours I actually work, the checks will continue to come in from Time, Inc. Whihch means, perhaps, that I'll get paid for working 35 hours next week when I take the week off...*hmmm :D *crosses fingers*.

My life rocks. Did you know that? I had such a good dinner last night, and things are just really good between me and everyone in my family. I'm actually getting some of my projects done, and I'm just very content, for the most part.

Tonight I'm going to the Bank of the West Classic with Bonnie, tomorroww Ben gets in and we're going dancing (bus leaves at 8:30 ;o) and then I know that all of next week is just going to be non-stop awesome. So I can't ask for anything more. Except for more sleep. That would be nice..

Oh. Aannnnd I just got my paycheck. Let's just say I'm no longer poor.
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