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Disappointed... :P

Man, I KNOW there was a staff meeting scheduled for this morning..but I guess it got canceled? At any rate, I definitely got here at 8 for the purpose of going to the staff meeting and now there isn't one, so I could have slept another hour. And I definitely could have used it this morning cuz I'm getting sick. *sigh* Oh well, such is life. And I guess I was one of the first people in the office, and saw the managing editor (whom I love) on my way in, so I get brownie points...or feel like I do anyway.

At least I only have to stay at work until 3:30 now. Which means more time for quilting!

Yesterday I read Cadillac Desert: The American West and its Disappearing Water. Superbly interesting — I shall never look at a river or dam in the same way again, nor the water that comes out of my tap for that matter. Also it made for some good dinnertime conversation with mi familia.

Last night I watched "Hot Shots, part deux" with Eric.. I quilted at the same time, but not very efficiently because there's too many visual gags in the movie. It's so silly...but it was a great time had by all :D

Also today I brought this ATango manual with me to work, so if I get super bored maybe I can practice moves in my head without anyone noticing or knowing.
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