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Soo, don't read A Farewell to Arms when you're already feeling sad as it will only make things worse.

I have to say that I have in the past felt better than I do now. Eric left on Thursday and I've mostly been just bumming around the house and spending time with the family since.

My bro leaves for school tomorrow - his senior year! time certainly does jet along... And I didn't spend enough time with him this summer, so I'm sad about that too.

Mom tells me not to feel so sad about things as I should be enjoying my last week at home, and she's right (as usual). I have a lot to be excited for, and a lot of things I have to get done, so I should probably just buckle down and do 'em and heck, try to have a good time while I'm at it. It's taken a lot to get me where I am. Also I must remind myself that each day must be treasured as beautiful and unique, and none should be spent being too sad.

I think I just have to get past the pain to the hope that lies just beyond it. What is past is in me already and only the things I do now will determine what is to come.
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