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KFOX and productivity

I would just like to remind everyone that KFOX is playing their entire library from A to Z and if you're not listening to it every moment possible then your life is being wasted. And you can listen on the internet too, so don't give me any excuses about being far away.

Today has been stunningly productive. I got a whopping nine hours of sleep (good god!) and then took Heidi for a walk. I got my wits together and organized myself and was out of the door around 11:30 to run errands. First off, I returned my books I got for my Sunset project back to the MV library.
Next stop? Macy's. For a new swimsuit (finally!) And, they were having a sale. Yeah baby. Can we say 50% off? My swimsuit cost me $13.30 because I ended up only paying for the top (which is red and hot, btw) b/c the bottom I picked had no price tag, just a tag saying it was part of a 2-piece, and the girl just counted it as being with the top. Sweet. Oh and I got a sports bra too, which was ALSO on sale. Damn. I'm on fire. Oh and I didn't really pay for any of it because I had this Macy's gift card sitting around. I'm so good!

Next stop was Citibank, where I opened up a new checking account. This way I can put small amounts of money into that account, and if my ATM card gets stolen and the bloody thief who took it takes all my money it'll be okay because I wouldn't have had much in there anyway.
LA Post Office to send SAhal a copy of the BLAST dvd, then to Safeway to get stuff for Bonnie's potluck. Speaking of which, I can't believe I ALWAYS GET STUCK BRINGING ENTREE! haha, actually I can. But still, so unfair that other people get to do things like fruit salad. And here I am slicing chicken breasts. But oh well :P It's weird too, I can't believe I'm making food for a potluck without Eric. Eric, Here's the real test as to whether or not I can actually cook or if it was just you the whole time ;o)

I also filled out my absentee voter registration form, and called Citibank to get some money in my account converted to Euros (I can pick those up on Wednesday) and then well, actually that's it. :D

Oh dude, I didn't realize Santa Rita started school today, but it took me like 5 minutes to go the block between the stop sign at Los Altos Avenue/Pine and Los Altos/Santa Rita. That was obnoxious. I totally wouldn't have gone that way if I had known, but what can I say? I'm completely out of that loop now. Plus, I guess it was kind of fun to see little kids. Also it seems someone has bought Mr. Cochran's old house because there was a moving van out there and they were unloading things into the garage, including two black leather racing seats. Who are these people?

Alrighty I better go make food before it all spoils. Hopefully I won't cut off any fingers while rocking out to KFOX.
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