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SPAIN - Update 1

First of all, I´d just like to say that this keyboard has some really weird characters and punctuation in odd places so if I start making funny mistakes, that´s why.- anyway I had an e'mail all typed up for you folks but yeah, my laptop is having some...issues. The mac expert for this internet cafew will be in on Monday so hopefully I´ll be able to send tha tout then.

My host family is really nice - it´s a single mom with a 18 year old son and her daughter/family live on the same aparment floor. She´s been hosting foreign students for 18 years! Anyway, thank goodness I have a roommate - Emily Farber - because my Spanish sucks, and my host mom (Mercedes) talks sooo fast I can hardly understand her. Oh well! I´ve mostly been hanging around with some kids from Williams College as they´re really nice an down-to-earth.

Last night we went to Calle Betis which is full of bars and discotecas, but only hung around to about 1 ( I don´t even think the real party starts till 2 or 3) becaus eof jetlag and stuff. Everything is so tiring...I miss the comfort of having good friends around (ie. I miss you all SO MUCH) but the city is GORGEOUS all the time, morning, afternoon, night, always. This schedule is so weird too.. we have dinner at like 9 or 9:30, sleep around 12, wake up at 8 and have breakfast. Catch the bus to go to classes at this place in Dos Hermanos called Los Geranios, go to class until 2, then have the big meal of the day (almuerzo) and go to sleep till 4. Get up, we have the rest of the afternoon free, and then repeat. WEiiird. Not helping me get over jetlag too. I may start skipping Siesta - I never liked naps anyway.

I got placed in the last group for Spanish classes, but I feel like so many of the program kids are either fluent or have been taking Spanish for 6-7 years, so I don´t feel that bad. Plus my Spanish is already improving, although I can´t yet match the level of my host mom´s 2 year old granddaughter...

Okay, well I´m going to go finish checking my e-mail. I think Spain is like... 8 hours ahead of the U.S. and I´ll probably be online around 4:00 on Monday so maybe I´ll get to talk online to some of you then. Hasta luego! ;o)
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