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Hey all

So uh, some random info:

Just put up 100+ photos in here:
Also, here's my cell phone number (but obviously it's long distance and expensive, so the best way to reach me is at : 658 73 00 59

Uh, I don't know what else to put here. I just sent out some e-mails. So yeah. E-mail me if you want one. haha :D

Also, that address I told osme people for the Sweet Briar office is old. Mail gets forwarded but it just takes a lot longer. As soon as I get the new one I'll get it to you. But yeah, don't send me mail yet? :o)

The next time I'll be online is at 4 pm Tuesday of next week. For all you in Cali I know it's early, like.. 8 or something? I know you're all 9 hours behind me. I can't do math. And yeah, so that's 6 hours difference for east coast, 7 hours for chicago. Cool, hopefully I'll get to talk to more of you then on AIM!
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