Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Um, there's too much to say. where do I start? I don't even have any idea. I guess I'll just direct you to my photo album. Again, if you send me e-mails, send them to the NU account, even if I respond via yahoo because then I can take them away with me on my computer when I leave the internet cafe. And oh, here's the real address for me:
Sweet Briar Office
C/ San Fernando No 23, 2-B
41004 Sevilla

And the c/ stands for Calle, which is "street" in Spanish. In case you were curious. anyway I've been online for 2.5 hours now and should probably go so I can shower and eat before my dance class.

Go look at photos. They're really all I have :D I'll probably be online on Sunday afternoon around 5 or 6 my time.. which is well.. you can figure it out. you're smart children.
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