Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Pictures from Lagos are up.

classes are going well. The wireless in the Sweet Briar office is working, so I'll be online a lot more now.. I'm goingto make this blue sofa my new home.

I'm taking four classes - three are Cursos Concertados (classes with other foreigners taught by university professors): The Political Construction of the European Union, The Spanish Painter: El Greco to Picasso, and The Confluence of Three Cultures: Christians, Jews and Muslims in Medieval Spain. Also I'm taking a Sweet Briar Seminar (just with program kids) in the Morfology and Syntax of the Spanish language. I'm also going to sit in on two classes - one on Ancient History from the sumerians through ancient rome, although I think it's a year long class so I'll probably only get through Egypt, and then a class on the Arquaeology of the Roman World. The profs in the regular classes definitely talk twice the speed of the ones teaching the concertados though, so good thing I'm not taking the regulares for credit. My schedule definitely also provides me with a decent amount of time to go wandering off to do random things, too, which is nice.

Other than that I'm really enjoying being busy with school again. I'm looking forward to this Friday when my dance craziness for october starts.
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