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I'm sitting in a random room in the Sweet Briar office right now, nibbling on cookies. Discreetly though. we're not supposed to eat in here and if I get caught I will get yelled at :o)

Classes are super. Tomorrow I have none because of some inauguration of the school year by none other than el Rey Juan Carlos. So that will be really nice. It also means that I can actually attend the full hour and a half of my Tango class, which hopefully I will have been able to sign up for by then.

My Sevillana classes have started. there's a grand total of one other person in the class, which means lots of individual attention for me! I can actually pick up the steps decently quickly, and even though the studio is out in the boonies, it's not so bad because I have a half hour to get there from the University, which is plenty of time.

I went to try and register for the University tango class today, and Stephanie and I spent over an hour trying to find the sports center which is out in the boonies, and when we got there we had to stand in line for a half hour. Finally we get to the front of the line and she tells us we need to bring our passport and a photograph before we can sign up for anything. So that was really annoying. At least now I know how to get there, and I also know exactly what I need to do when I get there. I'll probably go back this evening after my Sevillana lesson, or else tomorrow morning.

My Señora is going to Madrid all week because her daughter is having leg surgery, but there's the house cleaner and the sons (who probably aren't too useful anyway) so we should be alright. Anyway it might be nice to have a little freedom for that week and then I'm going myself to Madrid at the end of the week (so you can look for tons of photos coming soon from that trip!)

Well I'm pretty happy here. Of course things go up and down. I miss Northwestern a lot, and miss the little things. You know.. eating dinner with Robert, Nick and Lindsey and laughing so hard I fall out of my chair, dance practices with BLAST and Sahal's sillinesses when we were rehearsing together, just the way Sheridan avenue looked in the fall, and I miss home too - being able to drive, seeing all my lovely friends, going to Coldstone. But I'm creating a billion memories here, and I know that when I go back to NU I am going to be craving Sevilla living and warmth :o) At least right now I have a very good schedule - I know exactly what I have to do and where I need to be for the next few days, and I like that feeling.

So that's that then. Still sending out postcards, but I realized I don't have a lot of addresses for people, so if you don't get one it's because you were uncool earlier and didn't give me your address. Okay, off to do some research on the readings I did this past week. It takes me like an hour to get through 7 pages, and my comprehension level isn't that high either, so I'm supplementing with internet information. teehee!
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