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Things are good

Today was just a weird day. I expected to have 5.5 hours of class, but instead only had 1.5 hours. Also my intercambio canceled on me, so basically this day was all planned and suddenly there's just.. nothing to do. Which bothers me because I didn't plan anything else which means now I just feel like I'm stuck here with nothing to do. Silly, I know. Other people would probably jump on a bus and go somewhere crazy. But no, I jump on the internet.

At any rate, I got a good solid taste of the Spanish system today when I went to try and find my classroom for the other section of my religion class. Of course it was my fault to begin with since I heard the prof say the room number wrong last week, but I still ended up wandering around for 20 minutes before finally going down to the consejera to see if they could help me. Of course the lady there doesn't know anything, so I have to go the faculty office for Medieval History and the secretary there spends another 30 minutes trying to track down the room for me. She can't, so we go downstairs to see the Secretary for the entire school of history and he doesn't know, so we wander around to potential classroom until finally another lady comes running up and tells us it's in room 119 of the Filología department. I get into the class AT LAST, after this nice lady has escorted me around, I sit down, and.. the class ends. Go figure.

As for my 3:00 class, well, the profesora was sick and the thing was completely cancelled, so I still don't know if I can be enrolled in it and won't find out until next week. Fortunately because of the king's visit, and the holiday on Tuesday, I haven't really missed much of anything in that class, so I think I'll be alright.

No other news for today except that last night I went to an ATango milonga and everyone there was better than me, and a big group of them all knew each other so I missed BLAST a lot. Also my señora came back from Madrid today finally which means we're back to eating real meals and getting clean laundry, etc. It's nice to have her here to take care of us. I realized it's really tough to live when you're only partially reponsible for your own food and all that stuff. It's easy if someone else takes care of everything, or if you have to take care of everything, but when you don' tknow whether or not you're supposed to be providing anything for yourself, it's really annoying.

Also I miss home/people a lot lately. It's making me insane because I have to enjoy my time here but I spend a lot of time thinking about going back. I need some kind of constant reminder that I'm in Spain, goddammit, and I better stop thinking about the past. But, well, I've always been one to cherish the past far too much.
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