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It´s getting better

Well as many of you know by now, when I get angry I get really, really mad but it also tends to blow over quickly. I´m still bitter about the way things went, but I´m feeling a lot better. Maybe it just wasn´t meant to be. I really appreciate all of your sympathies; you guys made it easier to handle, and it helps to have your kind messages as it makes me feel closer to your lovely selves.

I also felt better after just getting to do an intercambio with a new person who is a lot of fun. He´s 18, and in some ways I feel like he´s on this completely different plane from me - I think I´m just getting boring in my old age. Still it´s neat to see his exuberance, and he has a thicker accent than my other intercambio so it´s nice to have two very different Spaniards to converse with on a regular basis. I wish I could do more days with both of them, but they both have too much class and studying to do. What´s studying?

My flamenco lesson went really well also. I pick up the steps fairly quickly and it´s a lot of fun. The teacher, Manoli, also told me that I should come to sevillana classes three days a week otherwise the ONE other person in the class, Julio, doesn´thave anyone to dance with. She told me not to tell the office and then I wouldn´t have to pay for the extra day!

Well I´m leaving for Valencia tonight for the weekend and I think that will help me feel a lot better about my life in general. Hope you all have a great rest of the week.
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