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Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, talk about feeling out of place. Try wanting to celebrate a holiday that doesn´t even exist here :o) Fortunately for me, the program has arranged a Thanksgiving meal at a local Italian restaurant. We´ll see how that goes. As far as I know, whole roast turkeys aren´t usually on the menu in Italian restaurants! Well I feel like I have a billion things to be thankful for this year. I made a little list, which I won´t share in detail, but basically I´m just thankful that I´ve been given the opportunity to be here studying in Sevilla, that I have an incredible family that I´m so, so proud of. That I have such loving friends who miss me and send me e-mails. The list goes on. One can never be too thankful.
I wish I could be sharing this holiday with all the people who have made me as happy as I am right now, but I´ll just think about being with you all hanging out during the weekend. I myself am going to Toledo :o)

I guess there isn´t too much else to say. I hope you all have a wonderful day, shared with families and friends, with a lot of great food :D
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