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Weekends, and why I don't like them

Have I covered this topic before? If I have, it hasn't been for a while, so I figure I might as well reiterate. I kind of have this aversion to weekends. Of course when I'm working (like over the summer) this is completely different, I really like weekends then. but now, I feel like they're counter productive. Not to say I don't love going places, and if there weren't weekends I wouldn't be able to travel.

Here's the thing: As the week goes on, Monday-Friday, I can actually feel my Spanish getting better from the daily use. I hear Spanish everyday, I speak it to people, lots of classes all in Spanish and I'm reading a ton of Spanish. On weekends though, especially ones like this past weekend when I'm off on a trip with program kids, I'm speaking English (and a lot of it) for entire days at a time, which makes it difficult to get back into the all-Spanish swing of things when I have to go back to classes on Monday. Oh well.

I have to say though, my main goal in coming to Spain was that I improve my spanish to a usable, speakable level, and I have to say that I have indeed met that goal. I feel as though I understand, at least generally, what the Spanish lifestyle is like, and I absolutely have an appreciation for the cultural aspects of Spain (aside from the whole botellon deal, which I probably won't ever assimilate).

More reflections later, when I've time. These last three weeks are rushing up on me. Just 18 more days in Sevilla. This next week will be my last week that isn't crammed with studying, so I guess I should start reflecting now. :D
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