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I got this ring in Toledo. And I half-forced it onto my left middle finger to see how it would look. Well, I think taking it off now (even with soap) is going to cause me more pain than the effort is worth. :D Good job, Jen.

Looks like finals will be a little easier than I thought. My three cultures professor informed us today that she's going to give us the essay topic on the Tuesday before the exam and we can turn the essay in any time before Christmas. I'm planning on getting mine done ASAP so I don't have to worry about it when I'm vacationing.. but how cool is she? The only exam I'm really worried about now is UE and Morfology, but 50% stress is just fine by me. Plus this means instead of going to take an exam on Thursday, I can go hang out with my parents!

I'm enamored with the rain here, I love it :D Silly me, most people hate the wet, but I think it's fun. I just have to overlook the fact that I put my journal in the wrong pocket of my backpack yesterday and is now currently drying on the table. :o( Sadness for the journal.

Also my mom just sent me the draft of this year's Christmas letter. All I can say is: if your family doesn't get it, you're being deprived. My mom writes some of the best Christmas letters I've ever read.

Well this week has been filled with the beginning of "last things." My last tango class. Last Unión Europea class. Last ATango milonga at Casino. By the way, watching my instructor dance tango with her husband (both of them are from Argentina) is one of the singularly most beautiful things I have ever seen. I should make a list of the best dance moments ever. So far on it are watching them dance, and watching the ballroom competition in SF this summer.

I was a little down earlier this week thinking about how little time I had left, but I'm now back to my usual chipper self, enjoying the weather, the food, and the Spanish language (which, by the way, I am still butchering most terribly). My mom has been gracing me with various photographs, such as one of my dad asleep on one armchair, and Heidi asleep on the other. This morning I woke to find the kitchen in shambles, thanks to a flurry of winter cleaning that my señora and her housekeeper were doing. As I was eating, Emily comes running through the kitchen, pillow mark still on her face, looking flustered, and runs off to her intercambio. I almost got flown into by a bird this afternoon. Cool.

Well I probably won't be online until Tuesday next week. Also no class on Monday or Wednesday, because of the Fiesta de la Constitución Española and the Fiesta de la Inmaculada Concepción de Maria. To make it a puente, there's no class on Tuesday either! Sweetness. I'm going to do more sight-seeing. The city is soo beautiful - there's lights strung across all the main streets (they lit them on Dec. 1). I've started to listen to Christmas music, although I only have like 8 songs. I gotta get my parents to bring me some when they visit. Okay, time to go read e-mail and then meet my intercambio for some more language butchering!
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