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An ending, but not a bad one

At this moment, it is 11:00 pm and I´m using the free internet in my mom and dad´s hotel. How lame is that? Well, basically I don´t know if I´ll get another chance to update before I go running off into the great unknown of Northern Spain. I hope you´re all well though!

I took my last classes today and turned in my last paper. It was kind of sad.. I was sitting through my last class today (which was my Ha of the Antiquity regular university class) and hanging on to every word, thinking "after this ends, it´s going to be over. my classes in sevilla are going to be over." That was sucky, but I went up and thanked the professor for letting me sit in on his class and told him how much I had enjoyed it and he did this little bow thing, it was so cute. And then he said (in English) "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year." :D

It´s a little weird having my parents here and not staying with them. It´s like "You´re here, you´re sightseeing while I´m working, and I´m not living with you but you´re here." Very different. The weather is beautiful though so far, and I´m hoping it will hold. their hotel is in the Barrio Santa Cruz though, which is really pretty, and the hotel is just charming - it´s actually got pianos and a harp in the lobby (it´s name is the Hotel Amadeus) so it´s very neat.

I got my first grade back too - a 9 in my EU class. Hah, take that. That´s what happens when I bust my ass studying all weekend. Okay so I took a 5 hour break to hang out with Pablo and Stephanie and Yolie, but whatever :o) It was a cultural break! Besides, I probably won´t see Pablo or Yolie again for a loooong time, although Yolie does have a sister working in NY so maybe she´ll visit her while I´m there, how cool would that be? Tomorrow is my last intercambio with them, and Steph is going to go too so it´ll be a regular lil´English/Spanish-fest party thing.

Emily leaves tomorrow morning. And I leave Friday. I guess it feels like it´s winding down. I feel soo comfortable with my Spanish right now though, it´s magnificent. Not that I´m even close to being fluent, but for the most part I can think and form sentences a lot more quickly than I´ve ever been able to before. It´ll be nice to visit Barcelona with my parents though and just be touristy for a while.

I´m going to miss Sevilla. I´m in love. The parting will be painful, as all such partings are, but I guess I´ll recover and then it´ll just be some dream until I look at all the pictures and then I´ll remember all the things I´ve learned during my time here. Okay, I should go, since my parents and I are going to a flamenco bar tonight!

If I don´t update again before I get back to the states: Happy Holidays, have a wonderful new year and I can´t wait to see/hear from you all again!!!
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