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I am triumphant!

My parents have signed up for "Beginning Latin Dance" classes at Stanford together. Chacha, Mambo, Salsa, Merengue and Techno-Merengue. haha, I have succeeded in infiltrating my entire family with ballroom. Sweet. I win.

In other news, I got to see soooo many of my friends last night: Bonnie, Anne, Katharine, Alisa, Jon Wong, Charles Dahan (!), Amy, Klaus, Arek, Eric, Michelle and the newest addition, Michelle's new boy Jeff :D My mom asked me this morning if we took any pictures and I FORGOT! ARGH. *sigh* next time? :P
Anyway, we watched "Napoleon Dynamite" which was my third movie for the day, since I had watched "The Incredibles" with Bonnie, Leilei, Alisa, Anne, Klaus and Arek after going to lunch with them earlier, and also seen "Maria, Full of Grace" (Maria, llena de gracía) with my mommy. We were originally supposed to go bowling, but that kind of didn't happen as people were too lazy to actually get up once they had sat down.

Today I have exactly zero plans, but that seems to be the norm so far. Too bad about all this damn rain otherwise I could actually go enjoy the Cali hills that I'm so in love with. Well it's still early, (I slept till 7:30 today, baby! That's 6.5 hours of sleep! I'm getting better..) so who knows what the day will hold. Okay I'm going to go do nothing now.
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