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New Year

Meh, so I don't really feel like it's a New Year. What I really mean is that I feel like the new year started when I left on the plane for Sevilla. 2005 is just going to be a continuation of the changes that started in a country an ocean away from here.

I spent the evening with a family who I hadn't seen for almost two years, in a place I had never been in before, but it felt like home. Hanging out with David was amazing - obviously we're both older since the last time we saw one another, but favorite neighbors never forget each other and it was just like old times, talking about music and other random goodness.
Between three stuffed pizzas, brie, chips, ice cream, and three good movies, followed by a roof-top fireworks viewing, the evening ended up being perfect.

In the morning, I saw old family friends, picked up boxes of things (which contained more clothes than I need) from them, and then went with David downtown. We hit up Moonstruck, then the Machu Picchu exhibit at the Field Museum and then drove back, all before 3:00 pm. After saying good-bye to him, I proceeded to unpack the rest of my stuff. I feel considerably settled in right now.

The weather has been gorgeous here - for January it's amazing. A high in the 40s is just ridiculous for now, and although it's currently raning, it's supposed to clear tomorrow, just the best weather to go buy groceries to stock the pantry.
Thanks to Lindsey, I don't need anything except for food and an ice cream scoop here. This apartment is incredible, and I couldn't have asked for anything more, except maybe her company to share it with? :o)

At any rate, life continues to be incredible. I feel so complete and happy. I'm looking forward to this quarter and all the challenges it holds for me. My time at home was so perfect - I'm so glad I got to see all the people did, and seriously, Dan (!) said it best that there's no group of high school friends who is as tight as we are. I love all you guys and seeing everyone at Bons' house just reminded me of what amazing people you are.

here's new pictures if you're interested:
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