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The perfect Apartment

So last night I went to this BBQ that Michelle's friend Phil was having with his roommates. ok, are these boys not ridiculous? First of all, they're all ridiculously good looking. Second, the apartment is completely decorated with these beautiful oil painting that they all painted themselves. They don't drink. They were playing board games when I came in. The food was SO GOOD - italian sausages, burgers, salmon, these amazing potatoes. And tonight, they're having an OC-watching party, and one of the guys is going to make a 7-layer cookie. Like.. wow. No wonder there were so many girls in there last night. haha. well whatever, I'm just there for the food ;o)

Yesterday it was 60 degrees in the evening (also pouring rain, but that's beside the point). And tonight it's supposed to be 12. TWELVE. Argh! This place drives me absolutely bonkers sometimes!

Okay and by the way, TWO people showed up to my waltz rehearsal last night. *gah*
Oh well, things will get better I'm sure. Plus Sahal gets back this weekend, finally (yay!).

Other things I'm looking foward to: My bro is coming in on Sunday and I'm going to go see him and we're going to hang out!
on Monday, the other Robert is coming in for some Daily nonsense but he's going to make me rice and stay with me. BLAST classes also start next week :o)

Well I gotta go check my daily comics, then get my stuff together cuz I have a meeting with my most favoritest professor ever (Prof Gundlach, from freshman year) at 11 and then I'm going to go chill around in the library reading potential TM site magazines. OH and get this - people are definitely ripping off my wireless because I went onto my iTunes the other day and TWO people had their music shared! hahaha, jeez. Can you get anymore obvious?

On the 21st I'll be in sweet, lovely California, and the way the weather is supposed to look here, I have a feeling I'm going to be loooooving it there.
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