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Sooo right now the temperature is
4 degrees F
feelings like -11


Haha, okay so last night Chandler calls me and we had plans to hang out all along last night but then I was already in my PJs so he wa slike "well I just want to get a bite to eat at Pete Miller's" and me for some reason didn't register where/what it was. So I go down to meet him thinking "I can just throw a jacket on over my pajamas.. it'll just look like I'm wearing sweatpants for some reason, but that's fine since this is a university, people do this all the time."
TURNS OUT: it's Chandler's birthday and Pete Miller's is one of the nicest restaurants in Evanston.

So well, I'm proud of this now: I went to Pete Miller's for the first time last my pajamas.
At first I was embarassed, but then I was just like "if I were Janet, would I be worrying about this?" and the answer was "no." And then Chandler treated, and we had a great time catching up, and they had live jazz and it was all really nice.
Life is good. Freaking COLD, but good.

Erin O is coming over for lunch today. yay! Haven't decided what to make yet, but all in its time. And it's time for me to change. My clothes, that is. (I feel like that was a very Robert Samuels-esque series of sentences. And now is when I say: "The next time is inevitable.") ;o)
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