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A busy day

Was up around 8:30, read a little, then went to choreograph with Sahal until 12. At 12 I had lunch with David Evitt which was really nice. Such a good person - too few of 'em left in the world.

Sahal got me these AWESOME books when he was in South Africa - the main characters' names are Asterix and Obelix. Then there's a druid called Getafix. And so on. They're little comic books and they're marvelous!

Anyway, after lunch I went to editing class. I got an A- on my journalism article which I was sooooper pleased about. After journalism, I came back to my apartment and spent 20 minutes trying to fix the window because the seal on it sucks and the wind (which was gusting at like 30 mph) was whistling through. Finally I stuffed some squished up Saran wrap in the crack and it seems to be working so far. Grabbed my stuff, went off to choreograph more with Sahal.
Went to see Steph for a half hour, then ran back to my apartment, heated some food, threw together a bagel, and then ran to waltz practice. Our group of kids is sooo good; we got through a solid minute of choreography which was awesome. Lots of styling left to do still, but I'm really pleased. Rehearsal ended at around 9:15 pm. I just came back, showered, and here I am.

Things aren't exactly heading back to stable ground, but at least I've got some other worries that were consuming my mind settled, and my new power cord came today, so I don't have to use Lindsey's computer anymore. Although it is like 5x faster than it used to be because of the anti-spyware stuff I ran on it.

The temperature is up to 21 degrees (feels like 6) with lots of snow predicted for the rest of the week. The snow better not interfere with me visiting Bonnie. I'm sooo looking forward to any temperature above freezing right now :P

Ok, so now I have to study for my quiz tomorrow, and make a lesson plan for the ballroom sampler class that I will be teaching tomorrow. Wheee. Oh and my mom sent me a recipe for truffles-sugar high from here on till March!

I suppose what I really want to say is that I need to just let myself be happy. There's as much, and more, good things for me here as there were in Spain and I need to start seeing beauty in everyday like I was there. *sigh* Always so many things to work on in life, always so many potentials in people, and it's hard to know how much to give, or give up on in everything. And some days, you just wanna hold your teddy bear tight and be content with that company you have :P
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