Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
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The sunny side of the street... where I'm headed today. Away from this snowy world to sunny (announcer's voice) L.A.!!!
80 degree weather will suit me just fine, I think

But first, must buy stamps, go to class, and then do some research for TM. Also thank goodness I got mail this morning and "message for you, sir!" woke me up, because I definitely set my alarm for 8:20 PM last night instead of 8:20 AM like it should have been. GOOD JOB. Hopefully that was my "stupid event for the day" so that nothing else dumb happens to me today. Yesterday, as some of you have already heard, I put my laundry in a dryer, money into a different one, and came back 45 minutes later to wonder why my clothes were still all damp.

Also, here's a fun link if you want to stalk me musically:
AudioScrobbler Music Tracking

Have a good weekend! I'll try to post Sunday night when I get back :o)
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