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How To See LA in 36 Hours

1. Try flying out of Midway Airport in Chicago in the middle of January

I arrive at the airport at 3:30, pleased with the clear skies - no delays today! Oh but how they tease you. My 5:50 flight was cancelled, and I got shuffled to the 9:25 flight. Around 7 pm, it starts snowing. Hard. They put us on the plane at 8:45, and we sit. And sit. And sit some more. We're waiting for the de-icers to come and steam the snow off the wings. Finally they get to us around 10:30. "Hooray!" I think, "finally we're going to go..I'm only a little late." But no, there's a huge backup on the runway, and we end up sitting at the gate some more. By the time we finally taxi out it's around 11:30, and guess what? The ice has reformed on the wings. Back in we go, to refuel, and wait for the de-icers again. I fell asleep sometime in between the refueling and the re-de-icing, but we took off around 2 am. I got into LAX at 4:00 in the morning.

2. Don't sleep much

Bons and I spent the night on the living/family/dining room floor (it's all the same thing ;o) and woke up around 10:30. The next night ppl went to sleep around 4:30 and got up around 10 again :o)

3. Drive everywhere in Bonnie's car :o)

Bons took me around campus, then we picked up Paul and Nam and went to Sushi Mac, followed by Boba. Then we went to the Getty Center - saw about two exhibits, the gardens and other pretty fountains/random buildings. Next stop? Third Street - Here we met up with Anne, Amy, Janet, Geoff, Erin and Derrick. Goood times with the massage chairs in the Brookstone store. Then we just wandered.

4. Eat. A lot.

The capper of the evening was dinner at C & O Cucina, where we spent time getting garlic oil dripped on us as we grabbed bread rolls off the passing trays, singing 'That's Amore" at the top of our lungs with the entire rest of the restaurant, and stuffing ourselves to the point of exhaustion. Good times later with Irish Car Bombs (a drink, not an explosive) and the game of Operation. Then we all sprawled out in a row on the living room floor - all five of us - and completely crashed. The next morning we picked up lunch at various places, and convened at In n Out to eat it. We were joined by Matt Shapiro :o) Next, chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches at "P. Diddy's" (aka Diddy Riese or something like that). SO good.

5. Fly standby from LAX

If I hadn't flow standby, I realized early Sunday morning, I would be on a 11:35 pm flight that would have gotten into Midway at 5 am. Not cool. But I got my flight standby, and was out of LA by 4 pm Sunday. 36 hours :o)

The ride back kind of sucked - I couldn't fall asleep. It took me two hours to get from Midway to my apartment on the El, and by the time I got back it was 11 pm. So tired! But my TM application was due today, and I had three quizzes - one in each class. I was royally screwed for my Spanish quiz but I did well on my English quizzies. And I got my application turned it. I was up till 5:30 finishing all this, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Needless to say, I took a serious nap when my classes ended today; when I woke up again it was dark outside already.
Robert's coming to stay with me for a couple days today. That will be nice. I was feeling kind of depressed about having to leave LA, and I miss people hardcore already. Well, it's week 4. Things are moving so quickly, and I think that's good. Anyway I'm trying hard to be happy, but things are less than perfect and a big part of me just wants to be home with my Heidi and family.
And now, off to dance, then doing work, etc...
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