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First off, Congratulations Robert, our new Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Northwestern!
You're awesome :D

Wow, my body hurts. I feel like I just ran two miles, when really I was only dancing. Maybe this is the after-effect of last night's snowball fight, which was AWESOME, btw. Also Robert is gone and I miss him already :o( *sigh*

I just got back from a long night of teaching/dance that started at 5:30 and ended around 9:15. I'm tired. Still, I've found that I really enjoy teaching, especially now that I'm not afraid to be in front of the class anymore. I'm still getting used to this new-found confidence. It's exciting. I'm still 5' 3" but I feel bigger. Except when I'm dancing with like Sahal, Ben, or Pavel then I'm still short :P

I guess I don't really have anything particularly exciting to say aside from that. really I'm just so tired that I can't manage exciting-ness. Next time I'll do better!
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