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Freak. Out.

oh my god, this year's BLAST show is going to be SO FREAKING AMAZING. I can't wait. I am SO flying back from wherever my TM site is to see it. I hope. *crosses fingers*

Well I am extraordinarily tired and I've still got 4 pages left to write on my chaucer paper. it's almost 1 am. And I was supposed to call my mom today and I forgot. Wow, way to go Jen. I'm a real winner lately, let me tell you.

I did get to go to the ARt Institute with Steph today though, which was lovely, lovely, lovely. I love that place. They moved all this stuff around and all the American art was taken down for some special exhibit they're putting together so that was kind of disappointing. But it's all good; I was still extremely satisfied. Then we went to Moonstruck, which makes me happy always.

Plus I got some good advice and encouragement from Steph. I need to once again stop living my life by trying to figure out what other people expect of me, and just do what I want to do.

Hopefully I'll have more time this week to expand upon this entry and update about the BLAST party and everything, but right now I should get to writing again. I've been taking way to many breaks.
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