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Nice and Warm

The temperature is going to hit a lovely, lovely high of 53 degrees today. Wow, I might as well be in the desert ;o)
Unfortunatley it's supposed to rain from Sunday to Tuesday, with the temperatures dropping gradually, snow on Wednesday, and we'll be back to 30 degrees by Thursday. Oh well.

Life is going pretty well. There's always moments when I ask myself "what am I doing?" and don't really have an answer. That's when I can't concentrate on my work or anything else in my life for more than the moment that it's happening in. But I feel better today.

Yesterday I had several unpleasant experiences. First I got treated extremely rudely by the woman on the phone at Vogue Fabrics. I was pissed because I kept thinking "If she was working at Eddie's Quilting Bee, she wouldn't last a week with that tone of voice and unhelpfulness." Later I was accosted by a drunken member of BLAST.. which usually isn't so bad, except it just went above my threshold of tolerance last night and, well, yes I was pretty upset for the rest of the night. On the upside, STEPH came out to May I last night which was like the coolest thing ever. I don't know what it is, but having her around is always so comforting - may it's some kind of reaffirmation of Spain everytime we're together. At any rate, she's swiftly becoming a good dancer, and I'd like to take all the credit ;o) haha, love you, Steph!

The apartment is a mess again. I've got a sinkful of dishes to do right now. I think the soapiness might actually be helping my hands though; they're so soft. But no worries, Janet, they'll always remain old woman hands.

Everything else is going wonderfully. On Monday I have my meeting with the woman who does placements for Teaching Media, so I've been trying to prep what I want to say, and trying to do it in a very confident way so that she's super impressed and gives me my first choice spot. Speaking of which, I need to go remind myself what I put. hahah. :D

Jan Parr, my journalism professor, is my new hero. Everyday. I swear everytime I come out of that class I have a new appreciation for the complexities of magazine editing. I'm always more and more convinced that it is, in fact, what I want to do with my life. It doesn't help that she seems to shower As from her's pretty encouraging when I think "I could actually do this for a job." Plus I love my class; we're all so different and have such different viewpoints on how to approach the stories. They're interesting, (mostly) outspoken people, and I'm completely enamored and fascinated with the process of them working stories as compared to mine. It's one of the first times that I feel like I'm surrounded completely by thoughtful, well-educated individuals who actually CARE. Part of this may be due to the fact that nearly every Medill class up until now has been almost utterly uninteresting to me.

Well, the dishes call me. And you're caught up on my life. Almost.
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